A message from CCC President Tim Cook

In light of the challenges posed by the recent cybersecurity incident, we want to acknowledge the uncertainty and difficulty it has brought to our community. Let's not mince words – we've faced a significant cybersecurity incident. However, it's crucial to recognize that CCC is not merely a collection of systems and programs stored on a drive; we are a close-knit community bound together by relationships, knowledge, and the human spirit.

During times of adversity, it becomes imperative for us to stand together, supporting not only ourselves but also each other. Our primary objective is to restore our systems swiftly and ensure the safety of our community. Please be aware that the restoration of these services may occur gradually.

I’d like to acknowledge that this incident occurred when we were already navigating a severe weather emergency. Much like our recovery and repair efforts following nature's challenges, we can overcome this setback together. Our collective goal is to emerge from this experience stronger, more resilient, and more connected.

We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this process. For the latest and most accurate updates, this page serves as the go-to space for information. Let's show our Cougar Pride as we navigate these challenges together.